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How to set conventional Arrow Pack

21 February 2005

Arrow Pack is a pail-package which is very famous in automobile industries due to its higher efficiency in comparison with spool type which requires quite long time for changing the spool during welding. Continuous welding, is therefore, interupted by spool changing. However, the correct setting up of Arrow Pack is an important issue to be followed in order to avoid the troubles which tend to occur during welding, such as unsmooth feeding and wire insertion.

The following steps are recommended to avoid the trouble during usaing Arrow Pack.
1. The external appearance of conventional Arrow Pack.
2. Release the band to remove the lit.
3. Remove the lit.
4. Remove both the upper and lower cusion pads.
5. Now you can find the tip of wire fixed on the inner core.
6. The close up photo of tip of wire fixed on the internal barrel.
7. Cut the tip of wire and remove the bent portion from the internal barrel in order that the wire can be fed smoothly.
8. Put on the Arrow Hat (AMT-H) to the Arrow Pack then tighten the band.
9. Make sure that the wire is fed through the internal edge of the PVC board.
10. Insert you hand through the hole on Arrow Hat (AMT-H) to feed the tip of wire into the wire straightener (AMT-K) which is fixed on the top of Arrow Hat (AMT-H).
11. The wire is fed to the wire straightener (AMT-K).
12. Adjust the pressure of wire straightener by selecting the size of wire matching to the wire being used.
13. Feed the wire through the conduit tube.