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How to set Endless type Arrow Pack

21 February 2005

"Endless type" Arrow Pack is very famous for automobile industries due to its high efficiency as well as loss time saving.
In using, the proper setting up procedure is required to avoid wire insertion or unsmooth feeding. It is, therefore, recommended to follow these setting up procedures step by step for efficeintly using.

1. The external view of "Endless type" Arrow Pack.
2. Release the band to open the lid.
3. Remove the cusion pad.
4. and 5. Take the tip of wire with the sticker "Start" off from the lower cusion pad. Then remove the lower cusion pad.
6. After removing both upper and lower cusion pads, 2 tips of wire will be clearly seen. The tip with sticker "Start" is for feeding to the conduit tube for welding while the tip with sticker "End" is used for joining with another Arrow Pack.
7. The wire is ready for use now. But please note that "Do not remove the PVC board and ring."
8. The correct method to use Arrow Pack is that the wire must be fed through the inner edge of the PVC board. Feeding the wire through the outer edge of the PVC board leads to unsmooth feeding during welding and wire insertion tends to occur.
9. Feed the "Start" tip of wire to the conduit tube for welding.
10. The wire has been used correctly. You can see that the PVC board and ring are left as it is.
11. In case of joining the solid wire between 2 packs, use the "End" tip of the consumed pack to join with the "Start" tip of the new pack.