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Effect of welding parameter in GMAW

01 April 2005

GMAW is known as one of the high efficient welding processes. It generally benefit on welding time saving due to its superior deposition efficiency as well as superior deposition rate. That is the reason why GMAW is popular to apply to automatic welding such as robot welding in various industries, particularly automobile industry. However, the quality of weld bead does rely on welding parameters adjustment. It is said, therefore, necessary for the user to know the effects of each welding parameter in order that the excellent result can be obtained.

In the picture, you will find the effects of 3 main welding parameters of GMAW process, Welding current, Travel speed and Arc voltage on bead shape and penetration.

On the left, the picture shows the effect of welding current, which you wil find that the higher reinforcement bead with deeper penetration will be obtained by increasing the welding current.

In the middle, the picture shows the effect of travel speed, which you will find that the faster travel speed provides smaller bead size as well as shallower penetration.

On the right, the picture shows the effect of arc voltage, which you will find that the higher arc voltage provides the wider bead shape, lower reinforcement, as well as shallower penetration.

By knowing these effects, you surely will find the proper adjustment to suit your works.